Monday, October 31, 2016

It’s been a great fall semester so far! We are just a little over halfway through the semester and there has been several exciting events in the college of agriculture. I kicked off the semester by attending the unveiling of the Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation center located at the Purdue Agronomy Center for Research and Education. This center will provide the most advanced research in automated field phenotyping and is the only one of its kind in North America. This also mean great opportunities available for students interested in agronomy and other areas of plants science. I also had the opportunity to attend an event titled “Strategic Doing” hosted by the Ag Council and Sponsored by Syngenta. This event was a great opportunity to meet people from all the different clubs and departments in the college of agriculture. The event was essentially a leadership development program designed to assist people in their efforts to collaborate on ideas as a team and turn them into accomplished projects. Attending programs such as the unveiling of the Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center and the Strategic Doing Event are 2 of many events that students in the agronomy department might have the opportunity to attend and be involved in. It’s been a good semester so far, and I look forward to graduation in December!

If anyone has any questions about the Agronomy Department or would like a tour our department please feel free to email me at

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