Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Fall... or should I say winter now! It's hard to believe that there are only three more weeks of the semester left here at Purdue; this fall semester has definitely flown by that's for sure. Between the stress of the third round of midterms, to the fun of the football and now basketball games, Purdue surely never sleeps. Students and faculty are constantly on the go, and the learning never stops. Thanksgiving break comes and goes, and suddenly it's December. The excitement of the Purdue Christmas Show, put on by the Purdue Musical Organization, Senior Day at the last football game, and the winning streak the Purdue Men's Basketball team is having thus far into the season, the strenuous, yet exciting fall semester is coming to an end. As for myself, I was recently selected to study abroad in Cartagena, Colombia during the week of Spring Break 2016 through the College of Agriculture. I am extremely excited for this amazing experience being offered to me, for it is my first time ever traveling out of the United States. While in Colombia, we  will engage in cultural and historical tours and discussions, community service experiences, and interact with local businesses, industry (including tourism), healthcare facilities, faculty, and fellow students from the Universidad de Cartagena. Of course, those are just some of many activities we will be partaking and experiencing while on this week long adventure in South America. Although the fall semester is coming to a close, there is so much to look forward to next semester. I just wanted to wish all of those who applied to Purdue University this fall, the best of luck, and I hope you all hear great news on your acceptance! Happy Holidays everyone and see you all next semester! 

Until next time, 

Gina Zaccagnini

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Fall!!
As a junior in Agronomy here at Purdue, this time of year brings lots of excitement along with some stress. I have recently confirmed my internship position for this coming summer, which is super exciting! I will be a Sales Intern with Syngenta based out of West Lafayette, IN. I will be spending most of my time at their Grow More Sites in Indiana and Illinois. These are similar to “show farms” or “research plots”, where Syngenta brings customers to show them the new and coming products from the company. This will be another wonderful experience to grow in my agronomic knowledge and understand more of the many components of the agriculture industry.
November is the cue to students that finals and deadlines are quickly approaching! Most of us are in the midst of group projects, mid-term exams, lab reports, and preparing for final exams. This can be a very stressful time for busy students, but knowing that Christmas Break is coming always helps us get through it! Along with the school work right now, we are having some exciting things happen on campus! The Boilermaker Football team has earned the second win of the year, which makes for a great atmosphere for the team and fans. 
 The annual College of Agriculture Hog Roast was a lot of fun last week with the Farmer Olympics! The newly accepted high school seniors are making visits to West Lafayette to see their future home as Boilermakers! We always enjoy seeing the next class of students bring their enthusiasm to campus and look forward to having them here next year. Basketball season is right around the corner and has fans pumped up for the coming weeks.
The semester is moving along quickly. As a junior, it is hard to believe that classes will be over in six weeks and I will be one more semester closer to graduation! It seems like just yesterday that I was a freshman and taking my first exam in college. I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had thus far and the people that made it so enjoyable. Like they always say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”
Until next time,