Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Summer!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah Voglewede, and I am one of the new Agronomy Ambassadors this year! I am so excited to be given this opportunity to become more involved in the Department of Agronomy as well as the College of Agriculture! I am a sophomore majoring in Agronomy with a concentration in Agronomic Business and Marketing, as well as a minor in Food and Agribusiness Management. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 and then go on to graduate school. In addition to being involved as an Agronomy Ambassador I am part of the Leadership Development Certificate Program, the Dean's Scholars Certificate Program, an officer in Agronomy Club, and a Student Ambassador at the Purdue Welcome Center. Purdue was a great choice for me, and even though I don't have an agricultural background I feel so welcomed. I am originally from the Lafayette area, but I lived in Calgary, Canada from 8th grade through 10th grade. My family now lives in Pittsboro, Indiana which is a small town outside of Indianapolis. This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Co-Alliance as a crop scout in the Region 1 area. I am excited to be able to use the agronomic knowledge from the classroom and apply it out in the field. I am so eager to get to know averyone through my position as ambassador these next few years! If anyone has questions about agronomy or even the College of Agriculture, especially if you have any concerns about not being from an agriculture background, feel free to ask!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer's Here!

Hello Everybody!
I cannot believe that my first year at Purdue is already over! Time sure flies by when you're having fun. I am Dakota Westphal and I am very excited to be joining the Agronomy Ambassadors this year. I am a Sophomore majoring in Agronomy with a concentration in Business and Marketing and plan to graduate in the Spring of 2019. In addition to being an Agronomy Ambassador, I enjoy being involved in the Agronomy Club and also being a part of the Purdue Soils Judging Team. My hometown is Remington, Indiana which is just a half hour north of Purdue. I love living in a small town while helping coach a little league softball team, play sports myself, play some instruments, and hang out with family around a campfire. This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to intern with AgVenture D&M who is based out of Kentland, Indiana. I will be traveling throughout Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Kentucky to learn more about the seed business. Throughout the summer I will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with farmers and AgVenture Yield Specialists alike. I will be prospecting for future customers and performing exercises with farmers to show them what the future of their fields looks like this year. I will get a chance to show them how our company can help drive up their profitability through increasing production and lowering costs. I cannot wait to share what I have learned and am excited to be an Agronomy Ambassador!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Me, myself, and I

Hello folks,

Now that freshman year is over, I feel I am established enough to accurately describe myself. My name is Nick Roysdon, and I am from the small town of Heyworth, Illinois. I graduated with a class of about 54 people, but have transitioned well to the great amount of people at Purdue. Campus really is a big town with a small town feel.

I study Agronomy: Crop and Soils Management, and plan to graduate in spring of 2019. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and growing plants. This summer, I have an internship with co-alliance, working as a crop scout in western Indiana. If anyone is looking for an out-of-state opinion on why to come to Purdue, I would be more than willing to help you out!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey everyone!
My name is Kasha Halbleib, and I am one of your new Ambassadors (and the only new NRES Ambassador). I guess I should start pressuring everyone in my major to join. Anyway, I am from Carmel, IN (yes, I am aware that Carmel has a certain stereotype, but I would not consider myself to be a part of that stereotype. I guess you can decide for yourself) and my major is NRES with a concentration in Policy. I also have four minors currently (Political Science, Spanish, Communication, and Environmental Politics and Policy) but we'll see how long I keep that up. I hope to graduate in May of 2019. I have never once stepped foot on a farm, so if you haven't either, no worries, you're not alone. This is a picture of me and my 16-year-old brother. For reference, I am six feet tall. This summer I am travelling to Washington D.C., which I am super pumped about since I LOVE history. I have no idea what my work plans are yet, which is pretty bad since summer has already started for me. But in the fall I will be a Boiler Gold Rush Team Leader, so if you're coming to Purdue this fall you might end up in my group! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Freshman year is almost over!

Hello all,

I feel as if just yesterday I was moving into Purdue to start my freshman year. With only one more final to take and a few days between me and summer I am ever grateful for the experiences I had this past year at Purdue. My name is Andrew Chupp and I am majoring in Agronomy with a concentration in Crop and Soils Management. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 with my bachelors degree. I hail from the small town Bourbon, Indiana in the northern part of the state. This summer I am interning with Becks Hybrids out of Atlanta, Indiana as a research intern. I will be helping with plot planting, greenhouse work, pollination, and working on my own research project. I am really excited to start my internship in a few days and look forward to learning and growing a lot through my experience at Becks. I am excited to serve on the Ambassador team for the next few years.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Madison Boston

Hey ya'll! My name is Madison Boston and I am currently a freshman soon to be sophomore. I am a double major in Agronomic Business and Marketing along with Agribusiness Management. I plan to graduate May 2019. My hometown is a little town called Sullivan. It's about 25 miles south of Terre Haute, IN. This summer I have an internship with 1st Choice Seeds selling seed and doing agronomic work with them. On my spare time I will be helping out with the family businesses, our farm and my father's auction business. When I am not working I enjoy going to concerts and fishing. If you guys have any questions for me feel free to reach out! I hope everyone has a good summer!