Monday, October 3, 2016

Adulting Is Coming!

Hello Everyone,

Long time, no blog! I had an amazing summer and I’m still in shock that I’m a senior in college now.  This is the semester I have to find a job, prepare for graduation and make my final memories as a student here at Purdue. This summer I had an internship with DuPont Pioneer as an Agronomy Sales Intern covering Northeast Indiana. I had an absolute blast and learned so much about the industry and myself in terms of my career path. I attended multiple agronomy meeting to enhance my agronomic knowledge, rode around with account managers to better understand sales and I also completed a sales based project where I interviewed farmers who are primarily prospect customers to better understand the connection between product performance, service, and buying patterns. I wrapped up my summer presenting my project in Johnston, Iowa, where I also got the opportunity to interview for a full time position with Pioneer in their Emerging Leader Program. After the interview and a few weeks of being extremely impatient, I finally got the call and an offer from Pioneer!

The answer is YES! As of last week I’ve officially accepted a position in the Emerging Leaders Program as a production agronomist! I will spend my two years in the program at Pioneer’s seed corn production plant in Constantine, Michigan. This plant is also the largest seed corn production site in
North America! The Emerging Leader Program opens doors to learn and understand multiple levels and divisions in Pioneer to help prepare for a leadership position in the company down the way. Ultimately I’d like to be an account manager and lead a team of sales reps to help meet the company and the farmers needs. While it’s bittersweet to think my time here at Purdue is limited, I’m excited to enter into this new chapter in my life that I feel Purdue has prepared me for so well.

Well everyone, that’s about everything I have for now. It’s mid-semester so exams and projects are all underway, but it’s finally time for my favorite season. Fall, harvest, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving… It’s like they combined all the best things of the year into 2 months! Happy Fall Y’all!

Until next time,

Kerri Swingley

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