Monday, June 28, 2010

Adrianne Huber

Ki kati! Hello! Welcome to the Purdue Agronomy Ambassadors Blog! My name is Adrianne Huber, and I am also a new addition to the Agronomy Ambassador team. I am one of a handful of students majoring in International Agronomy at Purdue. I have a deepening passion for third world countries and sustainable agriculture programs, (interests that I plan to merge upon graduation from Purdue)!

This summer, I have an internship with at a Pioneer Hi-Bred Research station in Pennsylvania. I’m getting a wide spectrum of experiences here and absolutely love it! There are two corn breeders and many Research Associates at the station who patiently answer my many many questions about weed identification, soils, or just general research protocol.

You may be interested in hearing about some ways that you can plug in and get yourself involved in student life… I see that some of the ambassadors have mentioned a few activities already. Firstly, I would highly recommend joining the Agronomy Club. Not only is it a splendid way to meet fellow students within the department (especially the upper classmen), but it is also a great networking opportunity as you get to meet our speakers. In addition to the Agronomy Club, I am also involved the Purdue Night Train (Swing dancing club) and the Purdue Navigators, as well as being a free tutor and an employee of a department professor, Dr. Lori Snyder. I look forward to the start of a new semester and certainly hope to meet some of our readers in the fall!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


My name is Cody Fink. I will be a senior this fall majoring in crop and soil science. This summer I am working at the university in Dr. Kladivko’s lab. We are studying various cover crops with respect to their effect on soil physical properties and manure management. I have been able to gain lots of experience so far through working in the lab and starting an undergraduate research project. I am looking forward to the start of classes in the fall and the extra-curricular activities I am involved with. I am the president of the Agronomy Club which is a great organization that I encourage anyone interested to check out. We have weekly meetings that encompass speakers, tours, work sessions, and other activities. It is a great way to get to know other students and possibly gain some leadership experience through one of our officer positions. Purdue is a great university to be at especially in the agronomy department

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello! My name is Maryellen Przybylinski and I am a senior with a Natural Resources and Environmental Science major. This summer I am working in Dr. Johnston's lab which focuses on environmental chemistry. We are taking clays and infusing them with organics that will hopefully be used to clean up environmental spills and others of the sort. Purdue University has really shaped the person that I am because of the many unique opportunities that have become available to me. Inside the classroom I have had the privilege of being taught by some of the most revered and helpful professors. The professors in Agronomy are some of the most approachable and helpful professors on campus. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy hanging out with friends and am very active in the polo club. Polo club is a great way for me to meet new people while trying something that I have never done before on the animals I truly admire. My advice is to take every opportunity that comes along the way because you never know the people or the experiences that will be had, and some are truly life changing. Purdue has changes my life for the better, and I know it will do the same for you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hi everyone,

My name is Katie Best. I am a new member to the Agronomy Ambassador group. I will be sophomore this fall majoring in Applied Meteorology. After I receive my undergraduate degree I am planning on going to law school to become a environmental attorney. So, this summer I am interning at a local law office. The attorney I am interning for practices mostly criminal law but does some domestic cases too. I'm learning a lot, especially about what it takes to start your own law office. I am excited for classes to start again. I have two classes with one of my favorite agronomy professor, Dr. Schweitzer. All the agronomy professors I've met so far seem very intent on helping their students succeed and making them feel right at home in the agronomy department. I am also in the Purdue Swing Dance club and can't wait to get back and see all my friends there.

My name is Megan Walters. I'm a new member to the Agronomy Ambassadors. I will be a senior in Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) come fall. I'm very excited to join the group, and look forward to a great school year! This fall is very busy for me, as I will be working on campus at the union and interning with the Columbian Park Zoo in their Landscape Horticulture department and Farm Animals. Summer is going great, and I just got back from studying abroad in England, which was amazing! Purdue's a great university, and anyone unsure about their major should definitely look into Agronomy or NRES.

My name is Kirsten Thomas and I am a Plant Breeding & Genetics major here in Agronomy. I am also in the Agronomy Club (with Sam and many others) and participate in off-campus volunteer activities. I will be a junior in the fall and am very excited for school to be back in session, though I must admit I'm thouroughly enjoying the summer break. I am currently working for Beck's Hybrids in both the Research Department and Production, a very busy but worthwhile internship. I've learned a ton just in these first few weeks, and am looking forward to more. Had it not been for my experiences in Purdue Agronomy thus far, I would probably not be here right now. The department is great, and I'm not just saying that because I'm supposed to- in my opinion, the classes are among the most well-organized in the entire university, and the faculty & staff are well-informed and more than willing to meet with students and give personal attention. I will definitely agree with Sam here- Purdue is an awesome place to be, especially in agronomy. For any perspective agriculture students not yet sure what exactly you want to do, I strongly suggest you look into agronomy!
I am Samantha Downey, a Junior in Plant Breeding and Genetics in the Purdue Agronomy department. As you know I am an Agronomy Ambassador but I am also an active member in the Agronomy Club, I have served on Agriculture Council, I participate in the Leadership Development Certificate Program, and other activities on and off campus. I am currently in Australia for a semester study abroad, an experience I would recommend to all. To all prospective students, Purdue University is a great place to be and I am sure you are all looking forward to the excitement of college life.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Agronomy Ambassador Blog

Welcome to this new Agronomy/NRES Ambassador blog. The purpose of this blog is to give current and prospective students along with alumni a glance into the lives of Purdue Agronomy/NRES Ambassadors. We hope you visit often.