Saturday, December 12, 2015

Finals then Graduation

Hi everybody!

Well in week I can say that I am a Purdue College of Agriculture graduate! All that is standing between me and my degree right now are three finals though. For most people, finals are viewed as a terribly hard test and are dreaded. In reality they are not. If you start the semester out on the right foot and do your best work throughout the course, taking the final exam should be no bother. With the both the classes I enjoyed and did not enjoy so much, I took the time and learned the material. This should make the finals to be a good review of everything learned like they should be. If you luck out, sometimes finals are not cumulative, or if you get a high enough grade it is not mandatory, or there might not even be one.

With all that being said, after my finals and graduation I plant to return to school and earn a Masters degree in the area of soybean agronomy. I will be staying at Purdue and working under Dr. Shaun Casteel. This opportunity excites me to no end! Over the course of the next two years I will complete an applied research project looking at soybeans, fertility, and how it affects their growth.

It has been a great 3 1/2 years as an undergraduate at Purdue in the Agronomy Department. Upon graduation I will be hanging up my hat of an Agronomy Department Ambassador as well as the Agronomy Club treasurer. I cannot wait to start this next chapter in my life though as I continue to grown and learn both educationally and as a person within the Purdue Agronomy Department.

Boiler Up,

Kathryn Graf
Class of '15