Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mid Semester Update!

Hello All,

We are a little over half way through the semester! In this part of the semester it seems like every couple weeks it is time to take another exam. The weeks go by so fast that you have to stay on top of everything going on. This week I am getting ready to leave for the Students of Agronomy, Soils, and Environmental Sciences (SASES) conference in Phoenix, Arizona with some fellow Agronomy Club members. In Arizona we will be competing in various competitions such as quiz bowl, visual presentation, crops judging, and others. We will also have the opportunity to tour some of the local agricultural businesses located in Arizona and network with other Agronomy students from all over the country. 

This fall I have also had the opportunity to help a local farmer during harvest. Not coming from a traditional farm background, I have greatly enjoyed driving the grain cart and helping with corn and soybean harvest. Pictured is a sunset over the field. 

Of the many things that this semester has kept me busy with, planning my study abroad trip has been on of my favorites. I will be studying abroad for the spring semester in New Zealand! I will be staying at Massey University taking classes and traveling the country from February until June. I am excited to do a lot of road tripping and hiking the beautiful countryside of New Zealand while making many new friends along the way. Purdue offers so many great options to study abroad during your college years. They also offer a lot of financial support and all the classes that you take abroad will transfer back to Purdue so you will not get behind to graduate. Stay tuned for updates on my adventure!

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Andrew Chupp 

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