Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Countdown Till' Thanksgiving Break!!

The 2016 Harvest for Boston Farm’s is complete! It’s another one down in the books! Usually during the fall semester I am constantly running back and forth from Purdue to my home, which is two hours away. Harvest is my favorite time of the year; therefore I am constantly sitting in class dreaming of “Home”. Riding the combine with my dad is a cherished time for me. Some great “heart to heart” talks seem to transpire during our combine rides together. The harvest this year has been more rewarding for me because I have helped my family apply some of the practices that I learned in several of my past Agronomy classes. A very gratifying feeling to me is when I can help make improvements to our farm and then see the rewards from it.

I have always had a passion for cows, so earlier this fall I purchased my first two heifers! Anyone that knows me well, know the love that I have for the cows. Those “Girls” are another reason that I have spent many weekends at home this fall. Working with the heifers is a way that I escape from the stress of classes and day-to-day life. I think that everyone needs to find their way to “escape” or “way to relax”. If you don’t stop running around and take a moment to reflect, you will take the little things in life for granted!

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Madison Boston

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