Friday, October 21, 2016

Harvest is here!


Every year around harvest its always a little tougher being down here at Purdue when I'd rather be back home helping.  But being only approximately two hours from home, allows me to head back most weekends in order to help out a few days a week.  This usually means I can't go to many football games or other events on the weekends in the fall but its all well worth it once you've finished harvesting that last field.
Spending so much time away from school can really make it tough keeping up with all the school work I receive here at Purdue.  This forces me to really manage my time in order to get everything finished and turned in on time.  I am still also able to be very involved in various clubs such as Agronomy Club even when my time spent on campus in the fall is short.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mid semester update!

Hey everyone, 
I hope you are all staying afloat as midterm exams are still steadily coming in and projects are due. I know things can get a little hectic, but I know you all will get through it easily. 

This semester has gone by pretty quickly, and I hope you all are doing as well or better than I am. This semester I have been heading home the majority of the weekends, but have made it to a couple of football games, while also working and hanging out with family. At work I have been driving around soil sampling, and driving some small tender trucks. 

Just last week I had a few interviews for an internship with some companies from the Purdue Ag career fair, and I look forward to having a few more interviews while also narrowing down the job search. After going through a few interviews you really start to improve on your skills and improve on the questions you ask and the answers you give for future years. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, or send Jane or Sherry a request for the agronomy ambassador calendar.  Also feel free to cheer for us as we look forward to winning the Ag Olympics for the third straight year!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall Break!!

Hey everyone,

Happy fall break! I hope everyone is having a relaxing long weekend after the last busy 7 weeks of classes and the career fair because I know I am. For those that don’t know me, my name is Julia Fibbe and I am a sophomore studying Agronomy: Crop and Soil Management here at Purdue. 

The beginning of this year has flown by I can’t believe we are approaching our second set of exams in the next couple of weeks. It is a stressful time again but there are always things to look forward to that aren’t related to class like clubs and hanging with friends. I recently joined a sorority this year and have had a blast getting to know even more people on campus. With that being said I am learning a lot about time management and finding ways to balance everything in my crazy college career. I have also learned to appreciate my later classes which allow me to get a few extra hours of sleep every night.

This past week I also had the opportunity to participate in Purdue's Agriculture career fair for the second time and talk to many different companies and even get an interview with a few of them. Comparing my experience at the fair this year to last year I saw a huge difference in my confidence and knowledge which is due to the close and supportive department of agronomy.

I hope everyone is able to rest this weekend and enjoy the nice weather because I don't think it will be lasting much longer. As always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!

Julia Fibbe 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Adulting Is Coming!

Hello Everyone,

Long time, no blog! I had an amazing summer and I’m still in shock that I’m a senior in college now.  This is the semester I have to find a job, prepare for graduation and make my final memories as a student here at Purdue. This summer I had an internship with DuPont Pioneer as an Agronomy Sales Intern covering Northeast Indiana. I had an absolute blast and learned so much about the industry and myself in terms of my career path. I attended multiple agronomy meeting to enhance my agronomic knowledge, rode around with account managers to better understand sales and I also completed a sales based project where I interviewed farmers who are primarily prospect customers to better understand the connection between product performance, service, and buying patterns. I wrapped up my summer presenting my project in Johnston, Iowa, where I also got the opportunity to interview for a full time position with Pioneer in their Emerging Leader Program. After the interview and a few weeks of being extremely impatient, I finally got the call and an offer from Pioneer!

The answer is YES! As of last week I’ve officially accepted a position in the Emerging Leaders Program as a production agronomist! I will spend my two years in the program at Pioneer’s seed corn production plant in Constantine, Michigan. This plant is also the largest seed corn production site in
North America! The Emerging Leader Program opens doors to learn and understand multiple levels and divisions in Pioneer to help prepare for a leadership position in the company down the way. Ultimately I’d like to be an account manager and lead a team of sales reps to help meet the company and the farmers needs. While it’s bittersweet to think my time here at Purdue is limited, I’m excited to enter into this new chapter in my life that I feel Purdue has prepared me for so well.

Well everyone, that’s about everything I have for now. It’s mid-semester so exams and projects are all underway, but it’s finally time for my favorite season. Fall, harvest, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving… It’s like they combined all the best things of the year into 2 months! Happy Fall Y’all!

Until next time,

Kerri Swingley

Senior Year...Finally!

As summer quickly fades into fall, I can't help but think about this being my last fall here on campus. Senior year is supposed to be awesome right? And it is, but the real world feels closer and closer everyday and with that I get a little more worried about finding a job and moving away and starting a life that isn't filled with late night studying and wearing a backpack everywhere I go. Fortunately, this semester I am only taking 14 credit hours so I have extra time to do that extra worrying and spend time with friends. Everyday passes so quickly that it's hard to get everything done and easy to fill my days.

I had an internship with AgriGold this summer and loved every second of it. I had great bosses and met so many interesting farmers. This year AgriGold began selling soybeans for the first time and I got to help with the launch. It was neat to go out to growers and talk about new opportunities for them. I only hope that I find a job that I enjoy as much as I did my internship.

I also had the fun experience of getting my wisdom teeth out. That's really all that I have to say about that.

Finally the biggest event of the summer was my sister getting married. She got married at the same church as my parents two days before their 30th wedding anniversary. She was the most beautiful bride and we all had so much fun with family and friends.

That's about all of the excitement that is currently in my life, so until next time:
Stay Classy Internet,

Shelby Sigman

Through the Semester We Roll

It is already week 7 at Purdue and we are having a ball! With the new fall feeling weather, campus has shifted to a more serious work and study environment (with all the fun and excitement as usual). Football is in full swing and the wind is beginning to blow under the Math Building, an experience you will never forget!  
Classes are in the midst of first round of exams, which means libraries are busier and Starbucks is making more money!! My favorite study places are my bed and the Crops Resource Center. I love being in the CRC in Lilly Hall because there are always people around to help. Professors stop in often and I am surrounded by my friends and classmates. This space was made possible by a generous donation from Beck's Hybrids, and we are so grateful for that! 
Career Fair is tomorrow! That means time for suits, resumes, elevator speeches, and job interviews. As a senior, this is my last round of presenting myself and my skill set to so many companies at once. Following the fair, interviews will be conducted on campus and around the country for full time employment. I am so thankful that Purdue hosts such a great event to set all of the students up with the best career starts! 

Boiler Up!
Christy Kettler 

Semester Update!!


My name is Abigail Clark, and you may have read a post from me during the summer. I mentioned I was about to leave for Ireland on my last post. I had a wonderful time in Ireland!! We spent around 19 days taking a bus all around Ireland. We went to Galway, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Cong, Dingle Peninsula, and many more places. We were studying the Equine Industry in Ireland so we saw some of their National Stud Farms, horse training facilities, Galway races, and of course we experienced the culture! The trip was made possible because of the awesome opportunities there are for studying abroad with Purdue. The first picture I have here is when we visited a local sheep herder and he trained sheep dogs. If you have ever watched Marley and Me and the scene where they get stopped in their car because of the sheep on the road it was the guy in the pictures sheep.
Though it was an amazing trip we had to come back and now I am in full swing with my last fall semester here at Purdue. I am enjoying being back at Purdue!
This is the whole group that went and our awesome bus driver!
I will always cherish the memories I made in Ireland and hope to return one day!