Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Happy Midterm Season!

Hello Everyone!

I hope the spring semester is treating you all well! First off, congrats to all of the newly admitted Purdue students for next year! As a student ambassador for the Agronomy Department, I was able to call a few of you to see if you have any questions about attending or anything we can help you with. It was exciting to talk to you all and see what you were planning on doing during your college experience. I know a lot of you are waiting on financial aid to come through, and I know how agonizing that wait can be! I will say that the College of Agriculture gives out more scholarship money then the other bigger colleges on campus. We also have a lot of opportunities here for students who want to work in the department when they are not in class.

For the rest of us on campus, this week is very exam heavy, because next week is Spring Break! I am really excited because I will be going on a study abroad trip to Costa Rica with the Associate Dean of Agriculture along with other university staff and over 20 students. We are going to be visiting rural farms and ecotourism destinations while learning about the rich biodiversity of the Costa Rican ecosystem and agriculture. Plus, I get a change to practice my Spanish! Stay tuned for pictures from my trip!

Best of luck to everyone who is deciding on colleges and making those big life decisions. We hope you join us at Purdue. As always, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the university or student life! Boiler Up and Hammer Down!

Sarah Voglewede

Monday, March 5, 2018

Scheduling Classes

Hey there everyone,

Hope the semester is coming along great and everybody is ready for spring break. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the new and improved method of scheduling classes. Last semester it was implemented that Jane took over as everyone's professional adviser, meaning she has the last call on discussing what we are taking to fit our myPurdue plan, but the excellent opportunity has been put into place for each student to also have a faculty mentor. This is a required meeting, but it gives us the opportunity to speak with a faculty mentor that you previously may not have know and get there opinion and take on classes and direction of study for your upcoming semester. These mentors brings a new perspective on your interest and classes that could help achieve those areas. For example, I was talking with my faculty mentor about the internship I was going to have this upcoming summer and some of the different stuff I was going to be doing, and he brought up a couple classes that would help me improve my skills on understanding mapping and data layers throughout fields. By getting that advise, I will be able to fit those classes that are of interest to me into my schedule next semester and hopefully better myself in an area that may possibly lead to a future job. So, I just wanted to stress how being prepared and taking advantage of your faculty mentor, can lead to great discussions with Jane when it comes to some classes that you personally have interest in and getting them implemented into your semester plan. Hope everyone has a wonderful spring break and a great second part of the semester!

Karson Kamman

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Life of a Princess

Hello All!

Amidst a very busy final semester of my undergraduate career, I have taken on a new role... I am honored to have been selected as one of the 2018 500 Festival Princesses!  I am so thrilled to be representing Indiana and to have the experience of a lifetime interacting with Indiana residents and the 500,000 people that participate in the 500 Festival’s events and programs. While it is exciting being able to walk around the city in a tiara and sash, the responsibilities of a Princess go beyond the outward appearance…

Being a 500 Festival Princess is about being an ambassador for the 500 Festival, the city of Indianapolis, and the entire state.  The 500 Festival is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing life-enriching events and programs that celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Indy 500 and positively impacts the community and state.  Throughout my year as a Princess, I will gain leadership and professional skills by participating in the 500 Festival Leadership Development Program, presented by BKD. The Leadership Development Program includes workshops, a series of speakers, and the opportunity to job shadow professionals in different fields. In addition, I will have the opportunity to network with industry and political figures while making some amazing friendships with fellow Princesses along the way.  I will be paired up with a member of the 500 Festival’s Board of Directors, who will serve as a mentor for me over the coming months. One of the aspects I'm most looking forward to is civic-engagement and getting to serve the greater community.

During the next year, I will spend numerous hours focusing on outreach projects.  In outreaches, I will be able to serve the community through volunteer work, share my experience as a Princess and knowledge regarding the 500 Festival to a wide-range of individuals.  Particularly, I am looking forward to the opportunity to go back to my hometown and giving back to the community that shaped me into the person I am today.

Thus far, I have attended the 2018 500 Festival Princess Program orientation in which I mingled with the other 32 Princesses (all super talented and sweet, by the way, and did I mention the group has a cumulative GPA of 3.72?!) and met 500 Festival staff, members of the Board of Directors and several other business leaders from Indianapolis.  It was such a wonderful weekend hearing words of wisdom and encouragement from Princess Program Alumnae, directors, and corporate sponsors.  This past Thursday, my first official 500 Festival event as a Princess, I took part in the 500 Festival Corporate Member Breakfast, listening to some inspirational speakers share the impact that the 500 Festival has had on them, and speaking with some of the organization's biggest supporters. 

While it may only be March, May will be here before I know it!  I have less than 60 days until May and 100 days before the big Indy 500 race weekend, so I am trying my best to take in every opportunity I can to build meaningful relationships and leave a lasting-impact. 



Friday, February 23, 2018

An update on an exciting time

Hey Folks!

It has been a very exciting semester so far! I am taking really interesting classes, I have a new job on campus and over winter break I was able to take an amazing trip through my summer internship!

This semester has been very interesting. I am taking classes unlike anything I have taken in the past, so the opportunities to learn new things have been abundant. I am in a hydrology class, where we discuss issues like soil erosion and ground water runoff. In my insect behavior class, we have learned all about how to manage pest insects while caring for our beneficial insects.

In my new position with University Residences, I am developing training material and working with new and returning employees to further train and develop our staff. I am excited to be able to have a leadership and management position within University Residences while being a student. This position will be invaluable as I progress in my professional career.

I also mentioned that over winter break I had the amazing opportunity to go to Hawaii as part of last summers internship with Beck's Hybrids. I was pollinating corn in their winter nursery. While pollinating corn in Hawaii was a unique enough experience, I also was able to spend my off time exploring the Island with both old and new friends. This experience was definitely one of the most unique parts of my college education, and couldn't have been possible without Purdue Agronomy!



Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hello fellow Boiler Fans!! 

It’s a good day to be a boilermaker, after that win against Penn State!! 
This semester has been pretty busy for me so far! 
At the begging of February I helped with the Purdue Agriculture Alumni Fish Fry. I enjoyed this experience! I was a part of the “official coffee crew” for the day. We had a traveling cart to offer people coffee, and it’s amazing how much people’s face light up when you offer therm free coffee! It was a neat opportunity to get to help with the annual fish fry. I got the chance to visit with a few alumni, which was enjoyable.
From my past post, you might know I’m a member of the Purdue Horticulture Society. I am the special events coordinator this year. I organized or annual Valentine’s Day Rose sale that we had last week. Over all it went really well! We nearly sold out, starting with 800 roses!!! Thank you to all who supported our club! 
This past weekend was also very busy. Saturday started at 5:30 in the morning for me and my family. We left to head north, to Michigan for the day. I went snow skiing at Bittersweet Resort with the family. We had a great day! 
Sunday I joined my family for church and then we went to my grandmas for dinner. After dinner I left to come back to Purdue for the Purdue vs. Penn State game! What a game to watch! I’m looking forward to the last home game against Minnesota this weekend! My friends and I are planing to get there extra early to try to get really good seats. 
On Monday, Purdue held the admitted students visit. My brother came to visit. He visited informational sessions to start the day. And because he knows an Agronomy Ambassador (me) he got the privilege to meet Dr. Lee Schweitzer and attend one of his classes with me. He enjoyed visiting Purdue and is excited to attend her next year! 
There are now only 2 weeks left until spring break! I wish you all the best with any exams you have before then! 

As always, 

Boiler Up! Hammer Down!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Time is Flying By

Hello Everyone!

As we approach the half-way point of the semester it is hard to know where the past six weeks have gone! As the last semester of my senior year winds down, it is certainly a bittersweet moment, but exciting as I plan on moving forward in my life.

One thing that is very comforting about a degree from Purdue’s Agronomy Department are the opportunities that come with it. Many students choose between either jumping right into a career or decide to get a masters and attend graduate school. I personally struggled with deciding on what to do because I have worked in a research lab for the past five semesters and enjoyed my time. However, after thinking it over for quite some time, I have decided to pursue a career in industry. This decision did not come easy, however thinking long term I believe that an MBA would suit my career aspirations better. This is something to think about when you are entering your freshman or sophomore year. What do I want to do after graduation? What is your dream job? Even if you do not know, explore your options. If you think that research is the direction that you would like to go, venture into research during your undergraduate time at Purdue. There are plenty of opportunities to work in a research lab and gain experience. It is certainly better to explore what you like and dislike before it is too late. Personally, I do not like sales. I had a sales-based internship and decided that it is not the field for me. It was better for me to figure this out while I was still an undergrad, rather than having to learn this the hard way in a job. 

Although many of you may be nervous about coming to college, it is an extremely rewarding feeling knowing that you have successfully moved onto a new chapter in your life.

If you have any questions regarding Purdue in any, please do not hesitate to ask!

Nicholas Fanning

Monday, February 19, 2018

Another Semester Underway

School is well underway this semester! As a sophomore, I have cleaned up most of my general education classes now and am taking more classes geared on what agronomy is about. This semester I am taking a soil fertility class which dives into the chemistry behind soil and how nutrients move within soil and what they do in plants. In the soil fertility lab we are learning about the different processes that soil testing labs perform when they test soils for pH, phosphorous, OM, etc. This has given me a general idea of the time that a proper soil test takes and what a lab has to do. Another class that is very practical to me is my agribusiness management class. In this class we broadly cover economics and then dive into farm accounting. The professor’s goal in this course is not necessarily to teach us how to organize financial statements, but to be able to read them and effectively evaluate them for the business when making decisions. Two other notable classes that continue to educate me are the soils and crops judging teams. On the soils team, you continually learn how to classify soil and you have the opportunity to learn about and see soils in other states. On the crops team, we are prepping for the NACTA competition which covers almost anything you can think of in Agronomy from soil fertility, Live plant and seed identification, lab equipment, farm machinery, sprayer calculations, general agronomy math, and even an agronomy exam where they can ask any sort of agronomy question. This is my semester here at Purdue and it’s a great place to be!