Monday, October 3, 2016

Semester Update!!


My name is Abigail Clark, and you may have read a post from me during the summer. I mentioned I was about to leave for Ireland on my last post. I had a wonderful time in Ireland!! We spent around 19 days taking a bus all around Ireland. We went to Galway, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Cong, Dingle Peninsula, and many more places. We were studying the Equine Industry in Ireland so we saw some of their National Stud Farms, horse training facilities, Galway races, and of course we experienced the culture! The trip was made possible because of the awesome opportunities there are for studying abroad with Purdue. The first picture I have here is when we visited a local sheep herder and he trained sheep dogs. If you have ever watched Marley and Me and the scene where they get stopped in their car because of the sheep on the road it was the guy in the pictures sheep.
Though it was an amazing trip we had to come back and now I am in full swing with my last fall semester here at Purdue. I am enjoying being back at Purdue!
This is the whole group that went and our awesome bus driver!
I will always cherish the memories I made in Ireland and hope to return one day!

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