Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome Back Fall 2017!

Hey Folks!

Its great to be back at beautiful West Lafayette after a great internship with Beck's Hybrids this summer. Despite the great learning experience, and all the fun I had, I was ready to get back to campus and back to classes.

This semester I am looking forward to my weed sciences class, Botany 304. The class covers a verity of topics related to weed sciences including weed ID, morphology, physiology, and herbicide resistance, which is a hot topic in agriculture right now.

I am also excited to continue in my position of the agronomy club president, and plan some great and exciting events for this year. I am looking forward to interacting with visiting students on campus, and can't wait to answer any of the questions you may have!


Summer Experience

Hello everyone! 

My name is Hannah Padgett and I’m a junior. My major is Agronomy: Crop and Soil Sciences and I’m minoring in Agribusiness and Marketing. I’m a local from Lafayette, IN. This has allowed me to live at home and commute to campus every day. Within campus I’m the recording secretary for the Agronomy Club and involved in Alpha Zeta. I also teach religious education at my church. I recommend joining a club within you major and one to do for fun to allow you to meet new people. 

This summer I had an internship with Crop Production Services. I had the opportunity to learn about the sales process while learning about the products and going on a few sales calls. I got to go out and scout fields for tassel, disease, weeds, and stage of plant. I also got to do soil and tissue sampling. One day this summer I got the opportunity to help one of our farmers apply different nutrient trials to his corn which we later had to come back and take multiple tissue samples from.

Hannah Padgett

        Hello everyone I am Kyle Fogle

       I hope everyone has had a good summer and kept busy without letting fly by too fast.  

       I am a junior here at Purdue in Agronomic Business & Marketing major.  My summer internship was with Premier Ag a southeastern Indiana based company. My internship was focused on crop production and I worked under there Traxx program mainly scouting crops, along with taking nitrogen and tissue samples. I worked a lot on my own, reporting back to the account manager for different recommendations. I also spent time on sales calls with different account managers.


Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Lake and I am a junior this year studying Agronomic Business and Marketing. I have a minor in Sustainable Environments and Food and Agribusiness Management. Long story short, I grew up in Homer Glen, IL then moved to Indiana during high school. After I graduated we moved back to Illinois and I now live in Orland Park, IL. Besides the Agronomy Ambassadors, I am also involved in the Purdue Equestrian Team. This will be my third year on the team. I am currently the Alumni Representative on the Executive Board as well. Fun fact about me, I have been riding horses for over 14 years! Can't wait to get to know you all!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Welcome Back!

Hello all! Welcome back to Purdue!

My name is Sarah Voglewede, and I am currently a junior double majoring in Agronomy: Business and Marketing and Agribusiness: Agricultural Marketing. I am a nontraditional ag student from Pittsboro, IN, which is a a small town outside of Indianapolis.

I am so excited to be back on campus this semester! There have been lots of new changes over the summer; especially with State Street and the new buildings on campus. There are also a few new things with me! I have started a TA position for the AGEC 331 sales class on campus. I'm looking forward to working with my peers and helping teach business to business sales. I am also excited to be a part of the new Gold Coat Ambassadors at the Purdue Welcome Center! I love giving tours to graduate students, middle schoolers, and university guests. In a few weeks I have been given the opportunity to give a golf-cart tour to members of Purdue's newly acquired Kaplan University. Whether you are a new or returning student, getting involved with activities both inside and outside of your major is a great way to make friends and have a lot of fun!

As for what I did over the summer, I decided to go into a sales associate role in retail. I learned a whole new set of skills and trained myself to become a manager of the store. I reported directly to the district manager and trained associates. It was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about talent acquisition and customer service. For any of you planning on going into a sales role, I would suggest working in retail for even just a little bit. You learn valuable sales skills and play a large role in customer service and brand loyalty.

While I did work a lot this summer, I was able to sneak away on a mini vacation up to Traverse City, MI. It was so beautiful! I cannot wait to go back. I had the opportunity to climb some sand dunes and sit on the beach for a few days. I was up there at the height of cherry picking season, so it was a special treat to visit the farms and harvest some cherries. It's always great to discover different farming systems when you travel!


I look forward to meeting you all this upcoming year! Feel free to stop me around campus if you have any questions. Have a great start to your semester!

Sarah Voglewede

Summer Experience!

Hey there everyone!!

Hopefully you had an amazing summer and are ready to get back into the swing of school. My name is Karson Kamman, I am a junior in  Agronomy with a concentration in Business & Marketing. Reflecting on the internship I had this summer, I can honestly say the classes I took prior to this summer within Agronomy benefited me more than I could have ever imagined. So, I am looking forward to getting this semester started, knowing the classes I am taking this year are full of opportunities for me to learn valuable information that I can take into future internships and jobs.

This summer I had the opportunity to to work at the BASF Midwest Research Farm, located outside of Champaign, IL. My position I was hired for was labeled as a Field Biology Intern, but the vast number of responsibilities and opportunities I was presented with was much more than that. Myself, along with three other interns in my same position were given a select number of different trials within the marketing and biology side of the farm to maintain and keep track of all summer. From looking at different prescription application groupings, with BASF products, as well as  competitor products, to managing a high yielding corn fertigation trial, I had the opportunity to take complete control of my trials I was given. This included planting and applying whatever the prescribed chemicals needed throughout the summer. With every application came multiple steps of ratings, for what percent control there was with the vast number of weeds, as well as crop response to the different doses applied. These different trials allowed me to be in a field looking at crops and weeds each and every day, and being able to relate the different site of actions and product combinations to the large number of different control results. Having these trials kept me busy and seeing a lot of variation throughout the farm, but my main focus for the summer was my corn fertigation trial.

I had the opportunity to be in charge of the largest trial on the farm, looking at the differences between dryland, irriagted, and fertigated, with multiple different fungicide and insecticide prescription applications. Each week I pulled tissue and soil samples throughout the three blocks, looking at what was lacking macro and micro nutrient wise, then being able to apply what was needed to specific plots throughout the blocks. Unfortunately, I will not be there to see the yield results, but am looking forward to being apart of the conversation this winter at meetings they will hold to discus the results that they came up with.

Beneficially for us, for doing all this hard work, we got to show it off throughout the summer. Bringing in a lot of tours and discussing with them what we were seeing and the results we had at that point. Was an amazing opportunity to socialize and get in front of a large number of industry people. The more hands you can shake and the relationships you can build the better off you will be, throughout the years to come.

I urge you, if you have any questions or are interested in hearing more about the BASF internship, please contact me. I would be happy to talk. Hopefully everyone has a wonderful semester, and good luck to everyone at the upcoming career fair this fall!

Karson Kamman