Monday, February 20, 2017

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list!

Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! It’s already week 7 and exams are wrapping up.  Only a few short weeks and Spring Break will be upon us. I am a travel enthusiast. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love traveling! I’m always game for a great road trip.  My next adventure is to Italy over spring break. I get to spend a week with some of my closest friends traveling through Italy exploring and learning about their culture. If I’m lucky, I will even get to try a little cheese and wine! I recommend that everyone does at least one study abroad trip while in college. Last spring break I traveled through Cuba’s countryside’s learning about their ways of farming. Stand by for pictures of my Italy trip!

Here are some pictures from my travels to Cuba!  ~Madison Boston

Sunday, February 19, 2017

18 days till Spring Break!

Hey Everyone,
I hope those that are in school are having fun, and enjoyed their first round of exams, and I hope those who are thinking about attending Purdue this coming fall have attended at least one tour, or plan to at least come and walk around a bit.
Since the last time I posted a lot has changed for me. For starters I got engaged (sorry ladies), became the business manager of the Agronomy club, and of course I have gotten the honor of attending yet another semester at this university. I have also had the thrill of watching Purdue not disappoint me in a sport #biggienpoy, so I would say everything is going smoothly. For those wondering I am counting down for spring break, and please feel free to countdown with me.
Also feel free to message me or comment on here if you would like to talk more about the Purdue Agronomy department or anything for that matter.
Thanks for the skyrocketing viewership!
-Benjamin Wiatt

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Last Go-round

Howdy, Jake Burke here again and I am starting on my last semester here at Purdue. With 2 semesters at Ivy tech and 5 semesters at Purdue over with, I am itching to graduate. I am ready to be out and making money so I can start the next part of my life. If I had to describe this semester in one word it would be “busy.” I am only taking 13 credits which is a light load, but I am also working in the soybean lab on my spare time and building a barn on my home time. Seems like a terrible idea to build a barn in the dead of winter but I really need it up and it seemed like I was busy with everything under the sun when the weather was nice. I am predicting that the rest of the year will be busy the whole way through. At the turn of graduation, I hope to hit the ground running with a job and soon a house of my own. 2017 is going to be a big year for me and I hope it’s a good one for everyone else as well.

As always, don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets,

Mr. Jake Burke

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spring Semester!

Hello Everyone,

          I hope you all have adjusted well to your new classes and are ready for exams just around the corner.  It is already the 6th week in and my exams are starting to kick in so the next few weeks should be fun!  I am still working in the Agronomy Department in research, I am currently dissecting soil core samples in search of corn roots within that sample.  It is very tedious work but rewarding knowing my work will help Dr. Camberato's research.  On my free time I have been trying to make it home still to help my father on the farm.
          This summer I have had the opportunity to join Bayer Crop Science as a sales excellence intern for Indiana.  I will cover the entire state assisting the sales team and attending field days.  I could not be more excited for this opportunity and I am counting down the weeks!  With the career fair last week many of you have had interviews or will have them soon.  I hope that they went well and your summer internships/jobs are amazing!  I have about 10 more months of my college career left and I am looking forward to every minute!  Enjoy your time at Purdue, beat IU and BOILER UP!

Take care everybody

Nick Thompson
     Wow! Everyone warns you that time will fly by and you just agree but you do not realize how fast it actually does go by. It feels like just a few months ago I was starting BGR (Boiler Gold Rush) which is a freshman orientation before fall semester starts. (I highly recommend this). People will also tell you that there are endless possibilities to pursue here at Purdue University, and once again they are correct. I never would have guessed Purdue would have allowed me the chance to meet Governor Holcomb, Senator Donnelly, House Representative Rokita, and Lieutenant Governor Crouch. I was given the honor to serve them at the Purdue Ag Fish Fry where we had 1400 guests at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. When you come to Purdue do not ignore what people tell you because if you do not at least try to pursue it  you will never know if it will be an amazing opportunity. No matter what path you create here at Purdue stand up for it and be proud of it because it is a path you made and that is what is special about it. I truly am proud of my path that I have carved out here at Purdue through the classes I have taken, clubs I have taken part in, the internships I have accepted, and the fun that I have had, but most of all I am truly proud of the end of my path when I get to call myself an Alumni of the great Purdue University!

Boiler UP!!

Abigail Clark
     It’s hard to believe that my last semester at Purdue is already a third of the way over! As I look back on my time here, I try to decide if there are things I wish I would have done differently. One big piece of advice that I have for incoming freshmen is to try to look ahead and have goals for yourself. They can be small goals like taking a course outside of your major, or they could be big goals like study abroad for an entire semester. I wish I would have known about study abroad sooner in my college career so that I could have planned a little better to fit it into my schedule. Events and opportunities such as that have early application and scholarship deadlines, as well as being offered only certain times of the year. A lot of the courses here at Purdue are only offered in the spring or only offered in the fall, so it’s important to know what courses you want to take and when. Goals can also make you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride! With deadlines all the time for projects, exams, and other events it is extremely important to have a source of planning and organization, otherwise you can become overwhelmed and stressed very quickly! However, it is also important to live in the moment and enjoy your time here at Purdue. Finding that balance is the key to success in your courses and personal life!

Sarah Letsinger  

Spring Semester

Welcome back to West Lafayette. Crazy to think that we are a third of the way through this spring semester. Sadly midterms week has come and although its crazy busy with students studying like crazy, at least it's been nice out lately, right? I, myself, have been pretty busy with classes, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to begin research with one of my professors. The research that I am doing is on the process of Drainage Water Recycling. It requires using different data bases on the computer, such as the program ArcGis Pro to build maps, and it also requires working out at one of the farms Purdue owns. If you don't know what drainage water recycling is, it is the process of diverting surface and subsurface drainage water into on­-farm ponds or reservoirs, where it is stored until it can be used by the crop later in the season. There is a reservoir located on the one farm we are working on, and there is a group of us building and hoping to test this on the reservoir/farm once the weather gets better! So besides school and research and everything, I was able to attend my first ever Pacers game this past weekend. Being from Pittsburgh, NBA basketball is not a huge thing, so it was definitely an experience! All in all, spring semester has been pretty busy for everyone here at Purdue, and I cannot wait for Spring Break! I hope you all have a great semester, and if you haven't already, come visit Purdue! 


Boiler Up, Hammer Down, Hail Purdue.... and BEAT IU!

Until next time, 

Gina Zacagnini :)

Monday, February 6, 2017


   February has arrived in West Lafayette! This is my final semester at Purdue! It is hard to believe that after three and a half years, graduation is coming fast!! First round of exams are running now and we are rolling through the Spring Semester. 
   I am taking Biotechnology in Agriculture, Geosciences in Cinema, Customer Relations, and American Sign Language. Biotechnology is very interesting as we have been discussing Genetic Modifications and the history of their impact on the agriculture industry. Geosciences in Cinema is a very fun class, we get to watch a movie each week and learn about the unrealistic events in many movies. I have branched out and watched some really amazing movies and had a chance to discuss them, I recommend this course if you have a free elective! My American Sign Language course is my favorite class!!! I am having so much fun learning a new language and immersing myself in a new culture. This course has really opened my eyes to a new way of communication and has exposed me to new areas of our world. 
   Being a senior is a fun time, we can finally see the end coming. It is such a bittersweet feeling to be almost done with college. The real is coming at us full speed ahead!! My fiancé and I have recently purchased a home in Peru, Indiana. We are thrilled to start our life together and it all is coming together, the house was a huge step for us and we are so thankful for the blessings that have been sent our way!

Until next time, 
Christy Kettler 

The Home Strech

As we're about 100 days out from graduation, I can't help but look forward with excitement.
The next three months will be crazy. Next weekend, I am taking a weekend trip down to Louisville to go to the National Farm Machinery Show with a bunch of friends. In March, I will be travelling to Italy with Purdue Study Abroad to learn about agriculture in their country. Shortly after that trip, I get to take a road trip over to Illinois to compete in the national soil judging contest. And finally, on May 13th I will graduate from Purdue. Following graduation I will begin working for AgReliant Genetics as a sales trainee.

As all of this excitement happens for me, I also get to celebrate my friends moving forward with their lives. Many of them will graduate alongside me and several will be getting married in the next half a year. I have very much to look forward to and really cannot wait.

ImageAll of these weddings and knowing that I'll be moving into a house in a few months has me working on some building and crafting projects. I built a table because I ran out of space for all of my plants in my windowsill. I'm really proud of how well it turned out. I've also been hard at work coming up with some gifts and signs for the upcoming weddings.

All in all, I'm keeping myself pretty busy and also taking it easy my last semester. I'm taking flower arranging and it's the best class I've taken so far here at Purdue.

Random Photos.

I think that's all I have for this blog.
Until next time,

Shelby Sigman