Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break 2017

The land of fine cheese, pasta, and wine is where I got to spend my spring break. Going to Italy was not something that I had really ever thought too hard on, but when the opportunity to go fell into my lap, I couldn't say no. I wouldn't say I'm a real history buff but I am always in awe of the relics of past civilizations, and Italy is full of them. It was incredible to eat delicious food and enjoy a few glasses of the (cheapest) fine Italian wines, but the history that is scattered throughout the countryside and it the cities was by far the neatest part of the trip. 
We started our week in a small city called Parma. Parma is not to terribly different than a small American city, so as beautiful as it was, I was ready to see bigger things after our two day stay. Next we went to Florence. Here we ate way too much gelato, climbed the stairs of the church to the top of its dome, and went to see David. The cobblestone roads were impossible to walk on, but made for a really scenic city. 
Our last stop was Rome. It's a HUGE city that is loud and busy, but in the midst of all of the chaos there are the Roman ruins. Everywhere you looked there were more and more. It's incredible to think that those things had been standing for so stinkin' long. We got to walk on an old Roman road, see where Julius Ceaser was killed, and even got to walk around the Coliseum. How can all of it still be standing? The whole trip I was baffled by what we were seeing. 

Along the way we stopped at a few food processing factories (study abroad right?) to learn about all of the special regulations that the country has in place that makes their food so unique and delicious. The trip was really incredible and I tossed my coins in the Trevi Fountain so I'll have to make my way back someday!

 Enjoy this random conglomeration of photos :)
Until next time,

Shelby Sigman

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