Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring is FINALLY coming! We keep getting tricked with days full of sunshine and 70, followed by days where scarves, hats, and coats are required! I just thought I would give a little insight on what it looks like to be ALMOST graduated! Things are fun to say the least. Classes are enjoyable, free time on campus is precious and such a good time with friends before we all part ways. My weekends have included watching a Pacers game in a suite, trips to visit family while I have that extra free time, lazy Sundays with my roommates, and honestly a lot of Netflix between study sessions. Another part of several seniors lives, is what is coming soon. For some of us, that means getting married to a fellow Purdue University College of Agriculture graduate. I am quickly approaching my own wedding date. My friends from college threw my fiancé and I a lovely shower with lots of friends and fun times! 

Us seniors have been getting emails consistently about the graduation ceremony. Commencement here is split up into divisions by colleges. College of Agriculture this May is in the 4th division, so we walk the stage Saturday afternoon. Seniors get 4 tickets for guests to attend the ceremony and we have been reserving those as well as our caps and gowns. This seems to make it more real that I will be a Purdue Alumni in only three months!!! 
Looking back, I am more grateful than I could express for the experiences that Purdue has given me. I have made life long friends, lasting memories, earned a degree, and grown as an individual in many ways. For all of you perspective boilermakers, I hope you take my words of wisdom from a graduating senior. Purdue will provide more opportunities than you can imagine, the four years you spend here will create a future you can't wait to start! I am so excited for y'all to start this journey as a boiler in 2017. Y'all have big shoes to fill on campus, this class has been legendary! 

Until next time, 
Christy Kettler 

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