Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hello all,

I just wanted to talk a little about some opportunities I have had from being a part of Agronomy club here at Purdue University.  One opportunity that I am very fortunate I have been able to be a part of are the regional and national SASES meetings.  The national SASES meeting is held every fall and gives you an opportunity to compete with other agronomy students all around the country.  Some events that you can participate in are crops judging, visual presentation, speech contest, and many more.  Then the regional meeting is held every spring and is more of a laid back and fun event.  There are different speakers and tours that you can go on as well as different social events which allow you to get to know other students at different colleges all around the United States.  I have been to Lubbock Texas for a regional meeting and then Phoenix, Arizona for the national meeting where I competed in crops judging and the visual presentation.  Coming up in a month or so will be the regional meeting and will be held in South Dakota on South Dakota States campus.  Below are a few pictures of the previous meetings I attended.  The first being a picture of a cotton field from a farmer's farm in Phoenix, Arizona.  Then the next one is me standing in front of part of Texas Tech's campus in Lubbock, Texas.  And finally is me in Arizona just doing some exploring in Phoenix..

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