Monday, February 6, 2017

The Home Strech

As we're about 100 days out from graduation, I can't help but look forward with excitement.
The next three months will be crazy. Next weekend, I am taking a weekend trip down to Louisville to go to the National Farm Machinery Show with a bunch of friends. In March, I will be travelling to Italy with Purdue Study Abroad to learn about agriculture in their country. Shortly after that trip, I get to take a road trip over to Illinois to compete in the national soil judging contest. And finally, on May 13th I will graduate from Purdue. Following graduation I will begin working for AgReliant Genetics as a sales trainee.

As all of this excitement happens for me, I also get to celebrate my friends moving forward with their lives. Many of them will graduate alongside me and several will be getting married in the next half a year. I have very much to look forward to and really cannot wait.

ImageAll of these weddings and knowing that I'll be moving into a house in a few months has me working on some building and crafting projects. I built a table because I ran out of space for all of my plants in my windowsill. I'm really proud of how well it turned out. I've also been hard at work coming up with some gifts and signs for the upcoming weddings.

All in all, I'm keeping myself pretty busy and also taking it easy my last semester. I'm taking flower arranging and it's the best class I've taken so far here at Purdue.

Random Photos.

I think that's all I have for this blog.
Until next time,

Shelby Sigman

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