Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spring Semester

Welcome back to West Lafayette. Crazy to think that we are a third of the way through this spring semester. Sadly midterms week has come and although its crazy busy with students studying like crazy, at least it's been nice out lately, right? I, myself, have been pretty busy with classes, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to begin research with one of my professors. The research that I am doing is on the process of Drainage Water Recycling. It requires using different data bases on the computer, such as the program ArcGis Pro to build maps, and it also requires working out at one of the farms Purdue owns. If you don't know what drainage water recycling is, it is the process of diverting surface and subsurface drainage water into on­-farm ponds or reservoirs, where it is stored until it can be used by the crop later in the season. There is a reservoir located on the one farm we are working on, and there is a group of us building and hoping to test this on the reservoir/farm once the weather gets better! So besides school and research and everything, I was able to attend my first ever Pacers game this past weekend. Being from Pittsburgh, NBA basketball is not a huge thing, so it was definitely an experience! All in all, spring semester has been pretty busy for everyone here at Purdue, and I cannot wait for Spring Break! I hope you all have a great semester, and if you haven't already, come visit Purdue! 


Boiler Up, Hammer Down, Hail Purdue.... and BEAT IU!

Until next time, 

Gina Zacagnini :)

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