Sunday, February 12, 2017

     Wow! Everyone warns you that time will fly by and you just agree but you do not realize how fast it actually does go by. It feels like just a few months ago I was starting BGR (Boiler Gold Rush) which is a freshman orientation before fall semester starts. (I highly recommend this). People will also tell you that there are endless possibilities to pursue here at Purdue University, and once again they are correct. I never would have guessed Purdue would have allowed me the chance to meet Governor Holcomb, Senator Donnelly, House Representative Rokita, and Lieutenant Governor Crouch. I was given the honor to serve them at the Purdue Ag Fish Fry where we had 1400 guests at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds. When you come to Purdue do not ignore what people tell you because if you do not at least try to pursue it  you will never know if it will be an amazing opportunity. No matter what path you create here at Purdue stand up for it and be proud of it because it is a path you made and that is what is special about it. I truly am proud of my path that I have carved out here at Purdue through the classes I have taken, clubs I have taken part in, the internships I have accepted, and the fun that I have had, but most of all I am truly proud of the end of my path when I get to call myself an Alumni of the great Purdue University!

Boiler UP!!

Abigail Clark

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