Sunday, February 19, 2017

18 days till Spring Break!

Hey Everyone,
I hope those that are in school are having fun, and enjoyed their first round of exams, and I hope those who are thinking about attending Purdue this coming fall have attended at least one tour, or plan to at least come and walk around a bit.
Since the last time I posted a lot has changed for me. For starters I got engaged (sorry ladies), became the business manager of the Agronomy club, and of course I have gotten the honor of attending yet another semester at this university. I have also had the thrill of watching Purdue not disappoint me in a sport #biggienpoy, so I would say everything is going smoothly. For those wondering I am counting down for spring break, and please feel free to countdown with me.
Also feel free to message me or comment on here if you would like to talk more about the Purdue Agronomy department or anything for that matter.
Thanks for the skyrocketing viewership!
-Benjamin Wiatt

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