Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cooperative Housing at Purdue University

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I cannot believe that the fall semester is already halfway over and I just scheduled my classes for the last semester of my senior year! Where has the time gone? 

If you are an incoming freshmen or a currently student and looking for affordable housing, you should look into the Purdue Cooperative Housing System. Living in a Cooperative House is a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to any Purdue student. I went through Cooperative Housing recruitment my the spring of my freshman year after living in McCutcheon Residence Hall. I moved into Ann Tweedale Cooperative my sophomore year and currently live Devonshire Cooperative House. 

I am presently the work manager for Devonshire cooperative. Devonshire is under completely new leadership and in a new location this year due to some issues with the old property's location. I use to live in Ann Tweedale Cooperative and I volunteered to move to Devonshire to help get the house back on its feet and moving in the right direction. Currently, we have 16 girls living in the house. My main role is making sure that our house functions smoothly and taking care of any issues with the house. I organize cleaning sessions and assign house duties to keep our house looking beautiful. Earlier this semester our house went under major renovation and we are refinished two hardwood floors in the formal room and dining room and renovated the breezeway and basement study area. 

If you are interested in Cooperative Housing, check out the website below!,%20Chapters%20and%20Houses/cooperatives/Recruitment.html

When you join a Cooperative House, you get more than just a place to live. You become part for the Cooperative family and surround yourself with a support group to help you through your time here at Purdue. The Cooperative life teaches students life skills such as cooking and cleaning and is a great transition form life at home to living on your own. 

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Veronica Yager
Senior Natural Resources and Environmental Science
Agronomy/NRES Ambassador
Purdue University

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