Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, while reflecting on the opportunities I've had so far, I realized how thankful I am for Purdue Agronomy.

Through Purdue Agronomy, I've been able to go on a lot of awesome trips, from as close as Chicago, IL, to Phoenix, AZ. I have an opportunity to take interesting classes, make lifelong friends, and go on amazing adventures.

Earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to travel to Phoenix for SASES, the national meeting for students in agronomy. While there, I was able to learn a lot about desert agriculture, and the benefits and negative effects of growing there. Just a few weeks ago, I was given able to travel to Chicago, IL to compete in the Chicago Board of Trades crops judging contest. We stayed downtown, so beyond the contest, we explored the city and even had a skyline dinner!

As a student in agronomy, I am blessed to have a program that cares about me, invests in me, and allows me to grow as an individual. Have a happy thanksgiving!


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