Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome to Purdue!

     Hi! My name is Jane Wiercioch and I am a co-advisor for the Department of Agronomy (AGRY) and the Natural Resources and Environmental Science Interdisciplinary Program (NRES) Ambassadors. Besides working with the ambassadors, I also meet with prospective students, help advise current students, serve as a department representative on some of the College of Agriculture's committees, along with other responsibilities.
     We're excited for this new school year! The Agronomy Department's current undergraduate enrollment is around 170 students. Over 50 of the 170 are new students coming in as either freshmen or transfer students. The NRES program has 88 students with around 15 being new students.

     One of the goals of our AGRY/NRES Ambassador blog is for prospective and current students to get a look into the lives of students enrolled in an Agronomy or NRES major. Reading about the activities (clubs and teams) and experiences (study abroad, research, jobs, and internships) our ambassadors are involved in is a great way to learn about the many opportunities available to students! There's nothing like getting an up front and personal view from our ambassadors who are blogging their experiences!.

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