Friday, September 16, 2016

A New Year of Opportunities!

Good afternoon!

My name is Andrew Chupp and I am a Sophomore studying Agronomy with a concentration in Crop and Soil Management. After a few weeks back on campus I can say that I am back in the routine of college life. This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Beck’s Hybrids as a research Intern in Atlanta, Indiana. I had many great opportunities to learn about the seed industry as well as meet many people along the way. Beck’s gave me the responsibility to conduct my own research project and then present my conclusions at the end of the internship. This aspect of my time at Beck’s was a great way for me to learn about proper research techniques while also helping find correlations in wheat varieties for the product development team. Coming straight from my internship back to school made the transition easy as I was already adjusted to living away from home.

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Often times the first half of the fall semester is the busiest time for students, including myself. With the first round of mid term exams approaching next week, work, and extra-curricular activities time management is key. One of the best parts about Purdue is the large amount of opportunities that students get to take part in. Through research, leadership programs, and extracurricular activities (Agronomy club) there are a lot of great ways to develop yourself personally. With this in mind, don’t forget to find time to have fun and enjoy the sights of this great university!

If you have any questions about opportunities in Agronomy or the College of Agriculture feel free to email me at

God bless and Boiler Up!

Andrew Chupp

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