Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lucky to be a Boilermaker!

Hello All!

If this is your first time on our blog, welcome! I am Dakota Westphal and am currently a sophomore majoring in Agronomic Business and Marketing. This is my first year as an Agronomy Ambassador but I am very excited to get started and share all the great things Purdue has to offer. This summer I had an opportunity to expand my horizons and network with some great individuals while being an intern for AgVenture D&M. I not only got to learn a lot through training, but I had the opportunity to apply that training with high responsibilities and show the company what I could do. Traveling was a highlight of the summer not only to meet new people, but to see how agronomy and agriculture was different from state to state. This summer helped me grow as a professional and individual and I was very excited to start classes again and apply what I learned.

This week has started exam week and like many others I am starting to feel some pressure and wondering how I will get through a couple exams. These are hard weeks especially for those who are freshmen, but these are the times to embrace and truly take a look around at all we have in front of us (besides scantrons and exams). At Purdue we are beyond blessed with the opportunities, encouragement, and community that we are surrounded by. Be sure as this fall flies by to take ahold of some of those great opportunities like university activities, career fairs, intramural sports, and football games. Also check in with any of us to get involved with crops judging, soil judging, agronomy club, and other activities the department has to offer its students. These blessings we have only skim the surface as we develop new relationships with friends, reconnect with family, and find more out about ourselves. Take these special years at Purdue to get to know the campus, the people around you, and take advantage of the opportunities that surround you everyday.

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Boiler Up!
Dakota Westphal

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