Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome back for the Fall Semester and a new year!

Hi everybody and happy Monday! Also, welcome back for another semester in ~West Lafiesta~! For those who do not know me formally, my name is Gina Zaccagnini and I am a junior here at Purdue studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science with minors in Environmental Policy and Environmental Sustainability. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go Steelers), and this is my third year as an AGRY/NRES Ambassador for the College of Agriculture. I am very excited to be back here on campus, but I did have a pretty eventful summer! Although I did not have any internships or anything, I was able to take some summer classes to get ahead with credits, and I was able to travel to Boston for the first time, as well, as spending two weeks out here to visit close friends that I have met at Purdue, and then my family and I went to South Carolina for a week! So needless to say, I really was not home at all during the month of July. Although my summer was pretty busy, this semester is also off to a busy start as well. The one thing that I absolutely love about Purdue is the fact that there are so many clubs and activities to get involved in. For me, I am involved in my sorority, in which I am now this years Philanthropy Chair, as well as being a member of the University Choir which is a group within Purdue Musical Organization (PMO). In addition, I am part of the Outreach Committee for the Purdue Dance Marathon (PUDM)... so lots of stuff going on over here as well as taking 15 credit hours for the semester! Regardless of anything, I am very excited to be back here at school with my best friends, and I am looking forward to all of the great things that are to come! I wish you all a great school year, and I hope you had a fantastic summer as well. Happy (almost) fall... only two more days of summer! Study hard and keep your heads up high everybody!

Have a great rest of your week & Boiler Up!


Gina :)

*Picture of my family and I in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this past July! Love them to pieces!*

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