Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fun Phrases From the Nature Center

Welcome to the Ag Blog! My name is Kasha, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a concentration in policy and minors in Political Science, Environmental Politics and Policy, Spanish, and Communication (we’ll see if that last one actually happens). Although many students opt for an internship over the summer, I happened to find a job that was perfect experience for my major. This summer I had the pleasure of working at a Nature Center in Cool Creek Park. Having work experience before, I went into the job expecting another traumatizing experience that would make me hate people even more. But I was wrong. By the end of the summer, I loved that job so much my co-workers threw a party for me and we all cried. Not to mention I was working for the Parks and Recreation Department, which happens to be a main plot of one of my favorite shows. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and to give you a glimpse into the daily life at a nature center, here were some phrases used that would normally deserve a second glance but were perfectly normal at the nature center:

“Should we give the giant tortoise a bath? I think he would enjoy it….”

“Hey can you grab this crow from me when I get up on the ladder, I can’t seem to dust it properly from up there, it keeps moving too much”

“Do you think Mary would notice if I stuck this taxidermic raccoon’s paw in the pencil cup?”

“When is Henry Lee Summers going to get here? Does anyone know what he drives? We have to make sure he gets on stage without the audience seeing him”

“Can we go look for Monarch eggs again?”

“Do you think this is enough marshmellows for all the kids at the campfire?”

“GUYS come watch this hawk devour a cardinal!!!! (everyone flocks to the window)”

“Where can we put the decapitated raccoon head that’s been hanging out in my office? Do you think we can nail him to that tree by the front entrance?”

“Did you remember your creek-stomping shoes?”

“(Sneaking up behind guests with a live snake) would you guys like to pet a snake? (usually accompanied by screams)”

Needless to say, I hope to continue this job. And yes, I did indeed get to take care of a giant tortoise. His name is Chumley. He weighs 28 pounds.

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