Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New kid on the blog!

Hi all!  My name is Cory Bowman and I'm in my final semester studying Agronomy.  I grew up near Goshen, IN and transferred to Purdue for my junior year, after completing my first two years of college at a small Christian college in central Kansas.  I jumped right in when I came to Purdue and it has been a great place for me to learn and grow!  Right off the bat, I joined the Agronomy club and developed  some great friendships through that.  I served as the Vice President for the Agronomy club then from December 14 through December 15.  To all of you considering studying Agronomy at Purdue, I highly recommend getting involved in the Agronomy Club!

Another big aspect of my Purdue experience has been work opportunities provided here in the Agronomy Department.  During my time here at Purdue, I have tutored 3 semesters for the introductory soil science course, worked the summer of 2015 at the Purdue Diagnostic Training Center, soil sampled with grad students, TA'ed for a forage management course, and worked for a local grain farmer.

This semester has started off well!  I am enrolled in 15 credit hours and set to graduate in May.  My schedule has worked out well in that I only have lectures Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, leaving Tuesday and Thursday open to work or study.  Since I live off-campus this works well, but I'll say my brain is just about full come 4:30 after 5 lectures in a day.

Take care this snowy, January Wednesday!

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