Friday, January 22, 2016

And the Spring Semester Begins!

Hello everyone!

Once again the we are back in full swing here at Purdue for the spring semester. I cannot believe this is the second semester of my junior year! It seems that winter came back with all of the returning students from break. The days have been quite cold and chilly walking to class. However, with the beginning of the semester comes many opportunities for students.

Me, Tiffany, and Claire at the basketball game.
My best friends since Freshmen year. 
Mackey Arena!

In the spring several clubs have call outs, new intramural sports begin, Purdue basketball games are being played, and several more wonderful opportunities are taking place on campus. Since being back this semester I was able to go to a Men's basketball game with a few of my closest friends that I met here my freshmen at Purdue. I also attended a free Night Train swing dancing lesson and the club callout for the Student Chapter of Environmental Education. I am on my Cooperative House's intramural soccer team, and this weekend my house is preparing for our spring rush event to meet all of the new potential incoming girls to live in Ann Tweedale with us.

Ladies of Ann Tweedale Cooperative House. 
Being involved in extracurricular activities both in and outside your major are great additions to your college experience. It is a great way to meet friends and get involved. You can also use them to build your resume and get leadership experience. Being involved with activities outside of class helps students learn to manage their time. I love being involved, making new friends, and having fun. Purdue has endless opportunities, so make sure to take advantage of them while you are here.

All the best,


Veronica Yager

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