Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meet an Ambassador!

Boiler Up! My names Maggie Shoue and I'm from North Liberty IN. I live about 30min southwest of South Bend. I came to Purdue in the Fall of 2011. My biggest reason for choosing the Department of Agronomy here at Purdue was my involvement with my high school FFA chapter and my background of growing up on a farm. Immediately when I came to Purdue I got involved with things like the Agronomy Club, Purdue Soil Judging team, and the Soil & Water Conservation Society. Throughout my time here in the Purdue Agronomy Department I have been able to find my true passion for sustainable agriculture. Which is why I'm very excited to graduate in May of 2015 with a degree in Sustainable Agronomic Systems Business and Marketing. I hope to take all the knowledge I have gained from the Agronomy Department and return home after graduation and help make my home town a more productive and sustainable place in agriculture. Another thing that has truly helped me while at Purdue is the opportunity to learn through hands on experiences like summer internships. The agronomy department has greatly helped me in having the experience to internship with many different areas in today's agriculture which have allowed me to see first hand what I would like to do after graduation while being able to put all the knowledge I learned in class to good use. I can say that without joining the Purdue Agronomy Department my future would look much different, and I wouldn't want my future to look any different than it does right now! So come take a tour, meet the faculty, and learn what Purdue Agronomy has to offer for you! And of course, BOILER UP!

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