Friday, May 2, 2014

Brittany McAdams- New NRES/Agronomy Ambassador

Hello everyone! My name is Brittany McAdams and I am a junior studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science. I am very excited to be serving as an NRES/Agronomy Ambassador during my last year at Purdue.

I am from a small town in Indiana called Aurora and I live right along the Ohio river. I have an identical twin sister who also comes to Purdue and is studying Geology and Geophysics. Being outdoors is the best place to be and being able to learn about it everyday is amazing. I am a snowboard instructor and am part of the Purdue University Ski and Snowboard club. When there's not snow on the ground, I love to go out on the river with my family and wakeboard. I guess you could say that my love for being outside had a major part in me studying Environmental Science!

I always knew I'd become a Boilermaker because my dad raised me and my identical twin sister to be ones! When I first came to Purdue I was in the Undergraduate Studies Program. I stayed in this program for two years and served as a Learning Community Ambassador while I was there. I feel so incredibly lucky that I took the chance to come into the College of Agriculture and even luckier to be in the NRES/Agronomy department. I am not from a farming background whatsoever, and the fact that the NRES major was in the College of Agriculture almost kept me from majoring in it. If there is one piece of starting advice I have for all you future Boilermaker's its that you'll never know how much you love something until you try it. The NRES/Agronomy department has led me to discover where I really belong on this big campus.

This summer I will be helping Dr. Johnson in the Agronomy department by doing plot maintenance, planting, sampling, and learning the basics of his bioenergy grass research. I am really hoping this will help me when I apply to graduate schools to continue my education! That's all for now, I will be checking in throughout the summer to update on my adventures! Until next time, BOILER UP!

Here I am on the Athabasca Glacier on the Icefields Parkway last summer in Alberta, Canada

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