Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello, my name is Isaac Greeson and I am a new NRES/AGRY Ambassador. I am currently duel majoring in crop science and farm management. I have been here at purdue for two wonderful years as a boiler maker. It has been the best experience of my life and I can't wait to experience the two years that I have left. This coming fall I will be here at Purdue, but in the spring I will be studying abroad in Stuttgart, Germany at the University of Hohenheim. Stuttgart is located in the south of Germany near just about everything in Europe so I am very excited to travel around to Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and of course explore Germany. Without the University I don't think i would ever get to be abroad for so long at one time. It will be loads of fun.

I am from Kokomo, Indiana where I live on my family's grain farm. I love being on the farm and being a steward of the land. So my plans after graduation is to return to the farm and try and improve on our farming system, there is always room for improvement and adaptation. I would like to apply some of the agricultural practices that I observe abroad to the farm here in Indiana, that's kinda why I want to travel abroad is to learn what other people are doing.

Here at Purdue I am active in the Purdue Ballroom & Latin Dance Team. I love the dance team because i get to dance and meet a wide variety of people from all over the world and in all different kinds of majors so it kinda gets me out of the agronomy department where i like to spend most of my time. We are a competitive dance team and I love the joy and satisfaction i get from competing. Another type of competition I enjoy is soils judging. I have been on the Purdue soils judging team for the past two semesters and have really enjoyed my time. Unfortunately I will not be returning to the team in the fall due to other commitments but if you like having good times with good people check out the soils team, its a lot of fun and we have the best coach and teacher Dr. Steinhardt.

My summer plans involve working on the family farm, learning german, and taking some online classes. I am really excited to be back at home this summer since last summer I had an internship with Dow Agrosciences. My internship was a great experience that I will remember forever and I think that everyone should at least do one internship during there time in college.

Well i'm going to sign off now so I hope that all of you have a fun productive summer and come back ready for classes in the fall!
This is the soils team in the fall of 2013 wining the region 3 soils contest in wisconsin. 
If anyone is wondering i'm front and center. 

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