Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My name is Kirsten Thomas and I am a Plant Breeding & Genetics major here in Agronomy. I am also in the Agronomy Club (with Sam and many others) and participate in off-campus volunteer activities. I will be a junior in the fall and am very excited for school to be back in session, though I must admit I'm thouroughly enjoying the summer break. I am currently working for Beck's Hybrids in both the Research Department and Production, a very busy but worthwhile internship. I've learned a ton just in these first few weeks, and am looking forward to more. Had it not been for my experiences in Purdue Agronomy thus far, I would probably not be here right now. The department is great, and I'm not just saying that because I'm supposed to- in my opinion, the classes are among the most well-organized in the entire university, and the faculty & staff are well-informed and more than willing to meet with students and give personal attention. I will definitely agree with Sam here- Purdue is an awesome place to be, especially in agronomy. For any perspective agriculture students not yet sure what exactly you want to do, I strongly suggest you look into agronomy!

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