Monday, June 28, 2010

Adrianne Huber

Ki kati! Hello! Welcome to the Purdue Agronomy Ambassadors Blog! My name is Adrianne Huber, and I am also a new addition to the Agronomy Ambassador team. I am one of a handful of students majoring in International Agronomy at Purdue. I have a deepening passion for third world countries and sustainable agriculture programs, (interests that I plan to merge upon graduation from Purdue)!

This summer, I have an internship with at a Pioneer Hi-Bred Research station in Pennsylvania. I’m getting a wide spectrum of experiences here and absolutely love it! There are two corn breeders and many Research Associates at the station who patiently answer my many many questions about weed identification, soils, or just general research protocol.

You may be interested in hearing about some ways that you can plug in and get yourself involved in student life… I see that some of the ambassadors have mentioned a few activities already. Firstly, I would highly recommend joining the Agronomy Club. Not only is it a splendid way to meet fellow students within the department (especially the upper classmen), but it is also a great networking opportunity as you get to meet our speakers. In addition to the Agronomy Club, I am also involved the Purdue Night Train (Swing dancing club) and the Purdue Navigators, as well as being a free tutor and an employee of a department professor, Dr. Lori Snyder. I look forward to the start of a new semester and certainly hope to meet some of our readers in the fall!

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