Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Colleen Harvey - Agronomy Ambassador

Hi all!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic spring break!  My name is Colleen Harvey and I am a nature enthusiast and storyteller.  I am a senior and I study Natural Resources and Environmental Science and Film and Video Studies.  I have combined my two passions and currently am a student employee for Agronomy Communications.   At my job, I make short videos about the professors, students, and activities that go on in the Agronomy Department.

Through my experience, I have been able to work with truly passionate and caring individuals.  I have gained so much knowledge and skills over my years at Purdue and I owe a lot of this to the education and supportive advisors and teachers within the department.

Here is a video I recently worked on about a fellow Agronomy Ambassador.   While creating this video, I couldn't help having a sense of pride in how my fellow Agronomy Ambassador, as well as myself, have grown up over our years here at Purdue.

Agronomy Ambassador  - Ashley Sheetz Video

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