Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring 2017

Hey Folks!

Things get busy as we reach the end of the semester. Final projects come around, and club business all needs to be resolved before the coming summer. This summer, I have the privilege of interning with Beck's Hybrids in Atlanta, IN. I am very excited for this opportunity and can't wait for whats in store! I found this opportunity through the fall career fair that the College of Agriculture puts on every year. Its the second largest agriculture career fair in the nation! Companies are always super excited to talk to you, because they understand the degree of intelligence you have as a Purdue student.

But before this summer comes along, I have a lot on campus to do. Last semester I was elected to the position of Agronomy Club president for this year, so we have a few end of the year things to wrap up. Besides that, classes and finals are almost in full swing. My two favorite classes this year have been Plant Biotechnology and  Global Ag Awareness. Plant Biotechnology is a challenging yet incredibly interesting class about the process of altering plants and what can be done with them. It has been one of the classes I have learned most in my entire college career! The other class, Global Ag Awareness, is an interesting class in which we discuss various regions of the world each week, the history of that region, and the problems that region is facing. I have learned a lot about world issues through that class. Besides that, I am staying on top of assignments, but ready for the summer.

Thanks for reading!

Nick Roysdon

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