Thursday, April 20, 2017

Intro-First Blog

Hello all! My name is Ashley Thurman. I was born and raised on a family farm in Hartford City, Indiana. I am a current freshmen here at Purdue, studying agronomy. My interests in agronomy started as I got older and my dad and grandpa taught me things around the farm. I decided I wanted to learn more about what they do everyday for a living an make it a part of my future as well. Now that I have taken a few agronomy classes, it is really interesting to compare what dad had taught me to what I am learning more about now. Some the information, I never realized how much thought is put into every choice made on the family farm. I also enjoy talking to my dad about my class schedule becasue it is basically the same schedule that he had when he attended Purdue! I pulled out a syllabus for one of my classes and he said that is hadn't changed much from when he took the same class! So, I think it is neat that I am taking after my Dad and enjoying every second of it!
This summer I will be living in Lebanon, Indiana. I have a summer internship with Remington Seeds. I am excited to gain new experiences and meet new people. Thankfully, my start date is May 22, so I will have a few weeks to relax after I finish my freshmen year this spring!

Have a Great Weekend!


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