Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey everyone!
My name is Kasha Halbleib, and I am one of your new Ambassadors (and the only new NRES Ambassador). I guess I should start pressuring everyone in my major to join. Anyway, I am from Carmel, IN (yes, I am aware that Carmel has a certain stereotype, but I would not consider myself to be a part of that stereotype. I guess you can decide for yourself) and my major is NRES with a concentration in Policy. I also have four minors currently (Political Science, Spanish, Communication, and Environmental Politics and Policy) but we'll see how long I keep that up. I hope to graduate in May of 2019. I have never once stepped foot on a farm, so if you haven't either, no worries, you're not alone. This is a picture of me and my 16-year-old brother. For reference, I am six feet tall. This summer I am travelling to Washington D.C., which I am super pumped about since I LOVE history. I have no idea what my work plans are yet, which is pretty bad since summer has already started for me. But in the fall I will be a Boiler Gold Rush Team Leader, so if you're coming to Purdue this fall you might end up in my group! Hope to see you there!

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