Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hey there everyone!

My name is Sarah Letsinger and this is my second year here at Purdue. Even though I am only in my third semester, my goal is to be able to graduate within three years. I am studying agronomy with a concentration in crop and soil management and a minor in horticulture.  I grew up on a grain farm in Tipton Indiana (which is about an hour north of Indianapolis). I am proud to say that our farm has been in the family for over a hundred years!
Over the summer I worked as a field scout intern for Crop Production Services. I was located in Arcadia, Indiana which is in Hamilton County. It was a great hands on experience where I learned much about crops, diseases, and insects. I was able to have weekly meetings with the other Northern Division interns, most of who are Purdue students. It is awesome to come back to school and be able to recognize another face among the many here on campus. One of the main reasons I was employed by CPS was because I attended the College of Agriculture Career Fair. The career fair is an amazing opportunity that should not be missed by any! It gives you an opportunity to network with many industry professionals and helps to build your confidence and reputation. In addition to working I was also able to take some time off to help my brother during the Tipton County 4-H Fair, visit the Indiana State Fair and also take a vacation to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. Even though working is a great way to gain real world experience as well as earn money for college, taking time to enjoy the summer with friends and family is very important!   
For those of you who are interested in everything agriculture you have come to the right place! Purdue has an esteemed reputation as an Ag school and for many reasons. The professors, faculty, and staff are amazing! They will take the time out of their day to discuss courses, careers, and about life in general. There are many different clubs and organizations, so there is no reason for anyone to feel like they can’t fit in somewhere! In addition to being an Agronomy Ambassador, I am the president of Soil and Water Conservation Society, a member of the Purdue Soils Team, the Agronomy Club, and Purdue Quality Deer Management Association. During your years at Purdue you will be getting a well-rounded education while at the same time meeting people that are just as passionate about agriculture as you are. If you come to Purdue (which I hope that all of you do!) don’t ever be afraid to change your mind about your major or your career path. College is where you can find yourself and figure out where life will take you, or at least in the general direction!

Boiler Up!  

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