Friday, September 25, 2015

First Ag Ambassador Blog

                                         Hi everyone my name is Gina Zaccagnini and I am a sophomore here at Purdue studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... (yes, I am a huge Steelers/Pirates/Penguins fan), and I plan on graduating from this incredible university in May of 2018! Here at Purdue, I am involved in several different clubs/organizations such as being an Ambassador for the College of Agriculture,Team Leader position for Boiler Gold Rush, member of the University Choir with Purdue Musical Organizations, and many more! I was pretty busy over the summer between working two jobs, taking some summer classes, and ultimately being able to be with family and friends whom I did not get to see very much throughout the school year. However, I was able to go on a much needed vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my family, on top of attending two family reunions for both my dad and mom's sides. In addition, I went to many concerts with some of my closest friends, such as, my favorite...Luke Bryan, as well as Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. I had to come back to campus earlier than usual because I had the amazing opportunity to be a Team Leader for the freshmen orientation program here at Purdue, known as Boiler Gold Rush, and that took place a week before classes started for the semester. All in all, after a great summer, I am extremely excited and happy to be back at Purdue to take on another year.
                                      For those who are looking to attend Purdue in the coming future, all I can say is that you are making a fantastic decision by choosing this impeccable institution. Yes, this university will challenge you in every way possible; however, it also makes you into an independent, responsible, and successful adult. Some advice that I would like to give to these prospective students is that this college offers anything and everything. From internships, to study abroad opportunities, to being able to decide on what club, out of 900 clubs on campus, would you want to be a part of during your years here, Purdue has it all. If you have questions about anything, there is always a faculty member or even any upper classmen who would love to help you in any way, shape, or form. Every student here at Purdue takes pride in the fact that we have the incredible opportunity to attend such a prestigious, well-known university. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and achieve your goals!

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