Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Become Involved

Hello again…First and foremost welcome to another edition of a Purdue winter where it starts early and seems like it will never leave!  As I write to you on what is most likely my last blog post as I’m graduating in December, I’ve recently been reflecting on my Purdue experience and all you can get out of this great University and Agronomy program.  As clichĂ© as it may sound your time in college will fly by, I remember the very first day of class like it was yesterday and I’m sitting here now with only about a month left and I can’t believe it. At every visit I made everyone always told me this and I overlooked it but its so true!  Alongside that comment and what I really want to portray in this post, is the importance of becoming involved and doing it early in your college career.  Recently, I have been going through the interview process with multiple companies and it’s amazing how many questions they ask you regarding your leadership in clubs and how much those experiences set you apart as a candidate.  Tons of students come out of college with just the degree but it’s the ones that get into these clubs early and make an impression to the former members and take on leadership roles that sets you apart at the end of the day.  There are tons of clubs outside the College of Ag as well as within and specifically in the agronomy department.  As an older student now -even though I still feel young- I encourage every prospective student to do research on all the opportunities and clubs here, pick a handful and find a way into a leadership role.  It’s tough at first but take the risk and I promise you at the end of it all it will be something you are glad you didn’t overlook! Hope this helps and cheers…Brock         

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