Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Worldly Travels

     Attending college is not only the time in a person's life to continue their education, but it is also the chance to experience new things. One of the many benefits of attending Purdue University is that Purdue highly encourages their students to study abroad. There are multiple options to travel. A student can go for a spring break trip all the way up to an entire semester! In the College of Agriculture you can go many places including Ireland, Belgium, Costa Rica, Haiti, China, and even Cuba! Many students who come to Purdue depend on financial aid and scholarships in order to make it through. Not to worry! Not only does Purdue University award scholarship money to all students who answer the essay question, but the Agronomy Department also has scholarships that are awarded to students. Furthermore, if you study abroad for a semester any financial aid you receive can still be used!
     I am very excited to say that in 38 days I will be boarding a plane to go to Ireland for Spring Break with the College of Agriculture! Not only am I excited to be traveling out of the country for the first time and being on a plane for the first time, I am going to be traveling with some of my good friends. It is going to be an amazing experience that will cost me very little. We are going to be traveling to a new place everyday seeing Dublin, Irish Farms, famous sites, and so much more! I encourage everyone who comes to Purdue to take advantage of all of the opportunities that you possibly can.

As always, Boiler Up!

For more information about Purdue Study Abroad, see the link below!  

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