Thursday, April 16, 2015

Farmer 5k

Hi Everyone!

The week of April 12-17th is Ag Week at Purdue. During the week there are many different events for the entire campus to participate it. Many of the events are aimed to inform others about agriculture and then there are also quite a few that are community service centered.

To kick it off on Sunday there was a "Farmer 5k" hosted by Purdue Collegiate FFA. Myself and a fellow ambassador, Kole Kamman signed up for the challenge. The two of us along with about 60 other people ran or walked the course and learned about agriculture with interesting facts at each turn of the course. All participants are encouraged to dress up to the theme "Farmer 5k" and to enter in the theme wear contest. This year there were some very creative farm animal costumes!

All proceeds of this race went to Food Finders Twin Lakes Student Food Pantry. Not only was this a fun event to compete in but it was also a good cause! The race raised $720 for the organization that will be put towards supplying food insecure families with food.

It is hard to believe there are only three more weeks until summer break!    
Until next time..Kathryn Graf

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