Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stop the Stone Quarry!

I am a double major in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, as well as Film and Video Studies.  This semester I have embarked on my first short documentary film.  I chose to do it on an environmental issue affecting the surrounding area.  The film focuses on the proposed stone quarry in Americus, IN.  It covers topics such as the law, the voice of the people in the community, and the issue of building a quarry right next to the Wabash River floodplain.

I am learning a lot about how environmental action and research is necessary in law and bettering communities.  The conflict is that Stone Quarries provide a necessary resource to society and the company is expecting a large return from the quarry operation, however having a quarry in an area with upwards of 100 homes within a mile could be devastation to their community.  

(This is a photo of the couple leading the community action in stopping the stone quarry)

It is my last semester here at Purdue and I am so grateful for all that I have learned in my time here.  It is always a great feeling when everything seems to come together and as I look to the future, I feel prepared and excited to continue working in environmental filmmaking.


Colleen Harvey

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