Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NRES Courses and Agronomy Internship

It has been a great Fall 2015 semester! I am a natural resources and environmental science major and one of my favorite courses this semester was FNR 488 - Global Issues.  In the Global Issues course we discussed a variety of topics surrounding environmental issues.  In the course each student picked a particular country and did research on that country and its relation to the various topics discussed in the class.  We also had several discussions, where students could practice voicing and supporting their opinions.  This course is extremely helpful in developing an educated approach to voice your opinion.  I highly recommend it to students who want to gain an overall understanding on some of the major environmental issues and possible solutions around the globe.  Some of the topics in the course are: human population growth, biodiversity, energy resources, endangered species, nuclear power and waste, climate change, deforestation, genetic engineering, recycling, and pollution issues.

This semester I have continued my video internship with Purdue Agronomy, capturing footage of different events going on around the department.  I was also able to work on several videos profiling the excellent staff in the department.  The photo at the top is from a video profiling Katy Rainey and her research.  To watch the video click here!

Overall it has been a great senior semester.  I can't believe my time at Purdue is wrapping up.  When I think back to my freshman days, it's amazing how much I've been able to grow over the past few years.  I know that NRES and Agronomy have been the best programs for preparing me for the real-world and my career objectives.

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