Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summer Internship with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

This summer I worked for the Indiana DNR, Division of Communications as the video intern.  The Division of Communications works with the other divisions to promote and educate the public about Indiana’s state parks, natural resources, and DNR projects and events. 

I worked with Michael Carney, who is the videographer, editor, and project coordinator for the IDNR videos.  We were in the office two to three days of the week planning projects and editing footage.  Then we were out of office the rest of the week and some weekends, “out of office” meaning capturing video out in nature. 

It was a great experience working for the IDNR and the position really allowed me to see what all the divisions do and how they are interconnected.  Some of my favorite projects that we did were the #GetINoutdoors campaign (which made it on local news stations for a couple weeks), Backyard Birding, The Summer Solstice Festival, and A History Tour of the Wabash River.   

VIDEO: A History Tour of the Wabash River 

The last video, “A History Tour of the Wabash River,” was my personal video project.  I learned a lot from being able to plan, research, film, and edit my own project under the supervision of Michael.  The Indiana DNR is filled with great people and I had a very positive work experience. It was tough to leave, but it’s always nice to be back in Boilermaker territory, applying what I learned this summer to my other campus video works.

VIDEO: #GetINoutdoors
I “acted” very briefly in one of the campaign videos.  We really went in depth with the planning of this campaign and worked hard to coordinate actors, locations, props, as well as the overall concept of the campaign.  I was pleased to see it get the attention of the media, and hopefully the attention of some Hoosiers as well.

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